Child Development Project Officer

Child Development Project Officer

The Child Development Project Officer is the key functionary of the scheme of ICDS. He is responsible for the organization of services as also for administration and implementation of the scheme at the field level.
The Child Development Project Officer will :
1Be the Principal executive functionary of the ICDS team at the projectlevel.
2Allocate monthly and yearly budgets to each Anganwadi Centre and release funds.
3Supervise and guide the work of the entire project team, includingSupervisors and AWWs.
4Help the AWWs in initial stages in carrying out a quick and sample census survey of the project.
5Ensure proper maintainance of registers and records both at Project and AWC level. He will inspect the records periodically.
6Make necessary arrangements for procurement, transporation, storage anddistribution of various supplies.
7Ensure all the equipment and material supplied are accounted for and used and maintained properly.
8Acts as the Convenor of the Project Coordination Committee or Functional Committee.
9Act as an integral part of the Block team.
10Incur contingency expenditure onarticles, materials etc. required by AWWs and other Project functionaries and would act as DDO for ICDS scheme, excluding health inputs.
11Make effort to obtain local community’s involvement and participation inprogramme and services.
12Help AWWs informing and operating village level coordination committees.
13Arrange educational programmes such as nutrition and hygiene.
14Responsible for preparing and dispatching periodical progress reports toconcerned higher officials.
15Take all necessary measures for staff recruitment and development in the capacity of incharge ICDS team and the block level. He will depute Supervisors and AWWs for training/ orientation as and when required.
16Undertakefield visit periodically and will submit his monthly tour programme to higher officials.

Additional Responsibilities 

She/ He will make effort to arrange own building of AWC. Coordinate with Urban Development Department to install smokeless chullah,sanitary latrines and water filters at AWCs in urban areas. She/he will coordinate will Rural Water Supply/ PHE department to install handpumps in those AWCs where no drinking water facility is available in the vicinity.
She/he will help/ coordinate with AWWs undertaking literacy classes underNAEP. She/ he will remain in close contact with DRC where referrals will be made by AWWs. Coordinate Demonstration on Nutrition and Health Education.Ensure that each AWC is provided with a Community Growth Chart. Guide AWWs to involve Adolescent Girls in the activities of AWWs and service to be provided to them. Training programme for Adolescent Girls. She/he will arrange for field placements of ICDS functionaries. She/he will develop a Resource Centre in his office. Materials on Pre-school Education, Health and Nutrition and Community Participation will be included inthe library of the center.


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