1. A Supervisor will provide continuous on the job guidance to Anganwadi Workers to bridge the gap between training and job requirements.
  2. She will visit each anganwadi atleast once a month, liaise with LHV for the joint visit to one anganwadi once a week, and make atleast one night halt everyweek in a village located at a distance of morethan 5 Kms. from her Circle Headquarters.
  3. During her visit to Anganwadi, she will perform the following tasks :
1Guide Anganwadi Workers in conducting household surveys, updating the survey data on a quarterly basis on preparing accurate lists of families and eligible beneficiaries.
2Check the enlisting of beneficiaries from low economic strata and severely malnourished, particularly children those below 3 years of age.
3Gudie Anganwadi Workers in the assessment of correct ages of children, correct weighing of children and plotting their weights on the growth charts, especially in respect of severely malnourished.
4Help the Anganwadi Workers in identifying “at-risk” children and mothers and referring them to PHC or Hospital.
5Check the weights by actual weighment of severely malnourished children and guide the Anganwadi Workers in their rehabilitation.
6Guide the Anganwadi Workers in conducting pre-school activities by demonstrating techniques of story telling, organizing play, identification of shapes and colours etc.
7Demonstrate to Anganwadi Workers effective methods of providing health and nutrition education to mothers and help them to the same;
8Guide Anganwadi workers in prevention and early detection of early childhood disabilities;
9Visit homes of severely malnourished children and “at-risk” mothers and guide Anganwadi Workers and mothers about proper care in such cases.
10Check the entries of deaths and births in the survey register and the immunization register;
11Check the records of Anganwadi Workers and guide them in proper maintenance of records;
12Organizing help in cases of those Anganwadi Workers who are not educated enough to fill in the registers and records;
13Check the arrangement of storage, preparation and distribution of food and stocks of supplies such as supplementary nutrition, medicines, material for pre-school education, registers and records etc. and report shortages to the CDPO.
14Help Anganwadi Workers in organizing and strengthening Mahila Mandals, which could support various activities of the Anganwadis;
15Find out the personal and work related problems of Anganwadi Workers, provide guidance to them to cope with these problems, and report gaps to CDPO.
16Ascertain the number of visits by ANM to the Anganwadi during the period between the Supervisors previsous visit and the current visit, and whether the ANM’s visit was properly utilized by collecting children and mothers at the Anganwadi for health check-up, immunization and health education by the ANM as well as by joint visits to the homes of those children and mothers who were too sick to come to the Anganwadi.
17Check whether the weekly time table of activities at the Anganwadi is being properly implemented
18Ascertain the number of unimmunized children and report it to the CDPO.
  1. The Supervisors shall organize monthly meetings of Anganwadi Workers in her circle with the participation of concerned LHVs and ANMs. The work done in the previous meetings should be reviewed and work for the ensuing months should be planned including preparation of weekly time tables of activities at the Anganwadi.
  2. The Supervisor shall maintain a diary in the prescribed form in which she will keep a record of the work done by her during her visit to the Anganwadi and maintain the statistic of the Anganwadis in her area relation to population, number of pregnant and nursing mothers, number of beneficiaries of different services, number of severely malnourished children etc.
  3. The Supervisor will ensure timely submission of monthly progress reports by Anganwadi Workers to the CDPOs and also check the accuracy of these reports.
  4. At the monthly meeting at Project HQ the Supervisor will assist CDPO in :
1Payment of honoraria to AWW and helpers;
2Alternative arrangements in case of AWW and Helpers who may go on leave in her circle; 
3Finalization of mutually convenient date for monthly meeting in the following months; 
4Informing the meeting about any special event or problem or achievement in her circle; and
5The issue of materials from the Project Office to the Anganwadi Workers.
i.         Payment of honoraria to AWW
She Will carry out such other tasks as may be entrusted to her by the CDPO.


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